Blake Evans

"My life has definitely changed for the better since joining Realty National, my confidence is higher, I'm a lot happier as a person and its given me a fresh perspective on real estate when I was in a really negative space before."






Jason & ThuAn Waldie

"We always celebrate everyone's win. We're all in this together so when you come in here, get ready to start making some really close relationships with other people."






Priscylla Connelly

"We work hard but we also play hard. I love that because it is important to find the balance. Its not all work for me, its also to have fun".






Sherron Lawrence

"I remember walking into Bryan's office, I broke down, and I told him, 'I don't know how long I can do this, I can't pay my bills,' and he said, 'Sherron, believe that it will happen,' and within one month I had 7 escrows."






Jessica "Jecka" St. John

"Realty National is such a family-style office and we support each other so much and you can't pay for that."